Transport is exactly what we specialize in. Thanks to our wide experience, excellent workflow and appropriate back we can safely provide our Customers with a considerable palette of logistics services :

Domestic and international transport services

The scope of services offered by 4 Way Logistics includes Poland, Europe and the Middle East. We provide a safe, reliable and timely transport of charges no matter what distance our driver will have to cover.

FTL and LTL services  

Service quality should be adapted to the price and the other way around – we know it calls the shots on the market of today. A possibility of individual conditions for shipment fitting to the specific order is also very important. Perfectly aware of this fact, we provide both FTL services, including a dedicated car transporting goods of only one Customer, and LTL, that is supplementing loading and consolidation of parcels entrusted by a few different Customers as part of one transport.

We help our contracting parties choose the best way of cargo carriage. While transporting smaller batches of goods – the LTL transport allows to minimize costs. If you are in need of bigger or particularly urgent deliveries though- we recommend FTL.

Packaged cargo

4 Way Logistics builds conditions for a safe and efficient transport of fine charges. As a seasoned player on the market we pay great attention to a systematic monitoring the needs of our Customers. As a result, our plan of packaged lines has been intensively progressing – now we offer not simply standards as they all do but much more, providing all our Customers with transport routes which do meet their expectations.

Transport in controlled temperature

Directed above all at the food and chemical industry. Thanks to cold storage or isotherm vehicles, we provide prompt deliveries of food products among others to shops and wholesale companies. After having completed such a transport, we offer our Customers (on request) also prints from the thermograph so that they could be sure that goods were transported in the right conditions. We are aware that carrying orders of this type efficiently does have a considerable influence on the quality of transported products. The 4 Way Logistic team is a group of people specializing in planning that kind of transport.

Transport of dangerous goods


Dangerous goods require particular attention and care. What is more, the haulier should possess special entitlements. Appropriate organization of such a transport form requires fulfilling a number of very restrictive regulations, aimed at protection of life and health both of persons participating in loading, unloading and carriage of goods as well as the care of the environment. Transporting dangerous goods is a challenge, but even in this issue you can calmly trust our experienced employees and partners. Forget about any liability – for now we are responsible for the transport according to all the regulations.

Transport of over-dimensional charges


That’s yet another branch of transport with which we deal in 4 Way Logistic. Large over-dimensional cargoes require using specialist vehicles as well as appropriate safeguard and timely delivery. We have managed to gain considerable experience in the field. Thus, your task will be not only an easy task for us but also a perfect opportunity to start a cooperation with you.