Customers. 4 Way Logistics provides above all transport services for small, average and large enterprises – mainly producers and distributors. We always do our best to adapt the offer to your individual needs. We care of special conditions for cooperation with regular customers – thus, you can be absolutely sure you will get an attractive discount. What is more, we always prepare numerous promotions and special services. This website includes all the information which you can need to commission the transport. Here you will also find out the most essential details concerning the offer and read current promotions. Enter the Customer Zone.

Partners. Let’s start our mutual adventure with ambitious projects – together we get brand new possibilities, indeed. We provide cooperation conditions which are beneficial for both sides due to sharing experience and encouraging the development of partner transit companies. Check out how to start our cooperation. See what we offer and what we require. Perhaps we are looking for a partner exactly from your region? Enter the Haulier Zone.